Welcome to the Stretch Lenny Pottery Studio website. Here you can get a feel for the hand-thrown ceramic vessels of Martin Harris. Based in Windhoek, Namibia, Martin works with stoneware clay and ash glazes to produce finely crafted bowls, mugs, dishes and other distinctive utility ware. Martin started throwing on the wheel as a high school student and counts amongst his early influences British studio potters Bernard Leach and Michael Cardew. After retiring from a 40-year career as a civil engineer in Namibia, Martin returned to his studio to continue his fascination with thrown stoneware. He continues to experiment with ash glazes made from Namibian hardwood, fired in a reduction atmosphere, making pieces which vary in texture and reflect shades of grey through to green with hints of oxidized iron.
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The perfect tea or coffee mug is hard to come by. These mugs were created to the specifications of an avid tea-drinker.
Explore other pieces: Jugs, Jars, Plant Pots, Bowls


All the pieces on this site are unique due to the natural variants of ash glazes. These jars are no different. They are perfect containers for biscuits, flour, sugar or simply as decorative pieces.
Explore other pieces: Mugs, Jugs, Plant Pots, Bowls

Plant Pots

These green and earthy plant pots are ideal for patio plants, kitchen windowsill herbs or stony succulent beds.
Explore other pieces: Mugs, Jugs, Jars, Bowls


Aren’t bowls lovely things? They rest in our hands while they hold our food, they embrace our salads, our pasta and our breakfast cereal. They pass from hand to hand as we share our meals and carry our snacks to our work places, our TV couches, our Sunday chill spots.
Explore other pieces: Mugs, Jugs, Jars, Plant Pots

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Milk jugs, juice jugs, water jugs and wine jugs. Whether it’s a nice cool glass of icy water in summer or a steaming jug of mulled wine in winter these jugs are perfect. (They hold bunches of flowers too, or a garland of herbs)
Explore other pieces: Mugs, Jars, Plant Pots, Bowls